Sticky Mat® Adhesive

Sticky Mat® Adhesive

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A water-based acrylic adhesive specially formulated to remain tacky when dry yet allow you to reposition artwork or remove it from your cutting mat when finished. The adhesive is very easy to use by simply dabbing a small amount onto the surface of your cutting mat using an old kitchen sponge (not supplied). One or two coats of the adhesive will be sufficient to hold many pieces of work before the need to apply a further coating. This product has many uses and will soon become an essential part of your crafting toolkit. The adhesive can be removed from your cutting mat using white spirit, but this is a messy job and we recommend having a dedicated self-healing cutting mat and leaving it sticky. Sticky Mat Adhesive is perfect for refurbishing your Scan N Cut®, Cricut® or Silhouette® mat as well as any other sticky cutting mat which has lost its stickiness. Once treated, the mat will be better than new!

Contents: Approx. 50ml.

Important note: This product must be stored at above 5 degrees Centigrade. If the adhesive freezes it will solidify and become unusable. When warmed up it will NOT return to liquid. Please do not order this product if the average temperature in your area is likely to drop below 5 degrees Centigrade.

Non-toxic. Not suitable for children under 10 years of age. Always use under adult supervision. Do not ingest and avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash and irrigate eyes with cold water for 10 minutes. Avoid contact with clothing as any stains will not readily wash out and could be permanent.

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