Mat Magic™ High-Performance Cutting Mat Cleaner

Mat Magic™ High-Performance Cutting Mat Cleaner

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Our Magic Mat mat cleaner is a specially formulated blend, designed to clean and renovate your cutting mat. The expert cutting mat cleaner removes debris, dust and dirt from the mat surface leaving it clean and ready for use.

If you make a real mess whilst tackling a new crafts project, then this is for you! With our Magic Mat mat cleaner, your cutting mat will be left looking as good as new, ensuring top cutting results every time. This is really useful for increasing the performance of your cutting mat and maintaining its quality.

An essential crafting accessory for your arts and crafts toolkit, the Magic Mat cutting mat cleaner can be bought direct from the Crafty Products website or via our Amazon site! If you love great value, then you’ll be glad to know that our specialist crafts mat cleaner can be bought together with our Sticky Mat Adhesive product as a Combo set.

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