Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR Tool (fitted with skin-friendly blade)
Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR Tool (fitted with skin-friendly blade)

Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR Tool (fitted with skin-friendly blade)

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Now supplied in reusable PVC zipper bag for convenient storage.

The amazing Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR craft and hobby tool is designed to easily cut thin sheet materials such as paper, thin card, masking tape, vinyl, thin Mylar/acetate, photographs, tissue paper and foil. It is also perfect for cutting materials used in the hobby world, such as Oracover®, Oratex®, Orastick®, Solarfilm®, Solartrim® and Solartex®. This hand-held tool has a 360-degree rotating blade which enables you to cut very complex shapes easily and quickly. Unlike other craft knives, the Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR blade is "skin-friendly" and will not readily cut human skin in normal use and it is therefore very suitable for use in schools for younger craft and hobby enthusiasts. Adult supervision is recommended for those under the age of 10 years. Specifically designed for right and left handed use.

Applications include paper-cutting, decoupage, stencil-making, planner stickers, artwork, graphic design, architecture, scrapbooking, signwriting using vinyl, and many other uses. Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR also has many applications in the world of model making. It will enable you to cut complex shapes out of vinyl covering materials to create your own decals and roundels.

Gyro-Cut, works like a pen.........cuts like a knife!