COMBO 1 Mat Magic™ High-Performance Cutting Mat Cleaner + Sticky Mat Adhesive

COMBO 1 Mat Magic™ High-Performance Cutting Mat Cleaner + Sticky Mat Adhesive

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Save money with this really useful Combo set! Here we have combined our Sticky Mat Adhesive and Mat Magic cutting mat cleaner providing you with everything you need to fully refurbish your cutting mat. Perfect for all self-healing mats, Cricut, ScanNCut and Silhouette machine mats.

Our Sticky Mat Adhesive is a specially formulated low-tack glue that is designed to remain tacky when dry. This acts like an extra pair of hands to temporarily hold your work in place during the cutting process. The adhesive will not transfer to your artwork and it allows for easy repositioning over and over again. Great for scrapbooking, planner sticker work, decoupage, applique, mounting photographs in albums and many other types of crafting and hobby projects.

Important note: This product must be stored at above 5 degrees Centigrade. If the adhesive freezes it will solidify and become unusable. When warmed up it will NOT return to liquid. Please do not order this product if the average temperature in your area is likely to drop below 5 degrees Centigrade.

Once you have completed your project, you can easily clean away any debris, dust or dirt from the cutting mat surface using our handy Mat Magic cleaner. This is particulary useful for refurbishing heavily soiled cutting mats prior to applying Sticky Mat Adhesive. 

Our Combo set is a convenient and cost-effective way of buying both items together.

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