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Are you struggling to teach your children about shapes and geometry without them becoming uninterested?

With the Polydron educational construction toys, you will never need to worry again. The Polydron toys are designed to offer children a fun, building experience whilst allowing them to understand 2D shapes and how they connect to create 3D shapes. Perfect for encouraging independent thinking, the Polydron sets are great for schools and nurseries.

The Midi Polydron Tub is the smallest in our range, ideal for teaching at home or as a learning tool disguised as a fun birthday present! This Polydron starter kit contains 70 pieces as follows: 5 solid squares, 20 solid equilateral triangles, 12 Frameworks right-angle triangles, 24 Frameworks equilateral triangles, 13 Frameworks squares, 6 Frameworks isosceles triangles and a colourful wall poster. Designed with interlocking hinges, the shapes connect to offer the user endless hours of construction and excitement.

You need not worry about mess, as the Polydron set comes in a handy plastic tub for easy storage between building sessions. The Midi Polydron Tub set has enough pieces to allow you to build a wide variety of small mathematical models and solid shapes. And, if you’re struggling for Polydron design ideas, the set includes a detailed user guide and examples of models to build.

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